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Smart electrical and lighting solutions at the most crucial stages of home ownership

Studies Show that homeowners spend the most money on home improvements right before they sell their house, and right after they buy one. Let Earshot Electric help you stage your home to present it in the best possible light, and help you customize your new home purchase to make it your own.

About Us

EARSHOT Electric helps clients with all aspects of electrical installation.

Assisting clients customize the ambiance in their home through lighting, convenience, energy efficiency and most important, safety.

EARSHOT Electric is an earshot away for Realtors needing help with staging a home through lighting and updated fixtures or, making sure a home will pass inspection.

Eric Rall, Owner

With a degree in electrical engineering and an MBA, Eric Rall, Sr. has over 32 years in the electrical industry. For years he worked with contractors, home builders, retailers and wholesalers who focused on the technical aspects of electrical installations. Eric worked with all levels of the electrical supply chain in the US and abroad.

What Eric wants clients to know is that he will always stand by his word, be honest and fair with estimates, practice best practices in installation, and show up on time to complete the work.

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All the world’s a Stage. Present your home in the best possible light.

starting at $300 + material

  • Make sure all lights are working / replace non-working bulbs
  • Make sure that all lights in each room match / type-color-size-brightness
  • Pre-inspection checklist / test all outlets / gfci/afci circuits / 3-way switches / outlets

Advanced –
all basic services +

  • Install new light fixtures $50/ea up to 9’ ceiling
  • Install new ceiling fans $75/ea up to 12’ ceiling

all advanced services +

  • Lighting controls such as simple dimmers or more advanced scene controllers can give you that custom feeling for those special rooms in you house – living / dining /bedrooms


Save the world - Energy efficiency for the next generation.

Starting at $500 + material

  • Electrical Efficiency Audit - Lighting is typically 15% of your utility bill. Make sure you are using the most advanced technologies for each application
  • Socket Sealers – air leaks around switches and outlets can raise your heating and colling bill by as much as 20%. Installing socket sealers around each switch plate to minimize air leaks
  • Appliance installation – Did you just buy a new energy efficient dishwasher, convection oven, microwave, dryer, or disposal? Make sure they have the proper electrical


  • Timers / Sensors – Do your kids keep leaving the bathroom lights on, or do you forget to turn off you outside lights? Installing devices to control these applications automatically will save money on your energy bill
  • HVAC systems Smart Thermostats to save energy on heating and a/c


  • Install energy monitoring equipment to be able to monitor your electrical use in real time from your phone
  • Install smart devices for remote control of your electrical devices


Get the most out of your home and the expanding number of devices


  • Never lose your phone charger again – install usb outlets in your kitchen/bedroom/family room to always have permanent access to a usb charger
  • Add special purpose outlets for holiday/garden lights, floor outlets for added convenience
  • Need a permanent nightlight in a stairwell/hallway? Install one right in the hallway outlets for
  • Add outdoor lighting or add sensors (motion/timers/daylight) to existing lights


  • Need a dedicated outlet for a special application like an Electric Vehicle, Table Saw, or oven? Get one installed
  • Got a new hot tub? Make sure you have it hooked up correctly to your electrical panel
  • Got a new smart doorbell or security cameras and don’t know how to install it? Let Earshot Electric help


  • Want to finish your basement or attic space? Let Earshot electric wire the space based on the latest code standards
  • Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? The codes have changed for these spaces in the last few years so make sure it yours is up to the latest standards


Fire / Equipment / People


  • Safety Audit including safety applications like ground-fault/arc-fault protection – verify that you home meets the standards when it was built, and what it would take to bring it up to the current safety standards


  • Childproof your kids room by installing new finger-safe outlets
  • Replace/Upgrade Smoke Detectors – if your home is more that 10 years old, it may be time to replace your smoke detectors
  • Has lighting ever hit close to your home? Lighting can destroy electronics in a flash. Using surge strips at your tv’s and computers help, but there are more electronics in your washer/dryer and ovens today than your computer. Install a whole house surge protector as the first line of defense for sensitive electronics


  • Load Mapping – do you know with circuit controls what, and how heavily they are loaded. Overloaded circuits can cause undue heating stress on your electrical system. Load mapping will help identify potential trouble spots
  • Upgrade your home to the latest Code Standards by installing Arc-fault devices to protect against low level arcs caused by frayed extension cords


Electrical tips, industry trends and advice from the experts at EARSHOT Electric.

Earshot Electric is always an earshot away.

We are a family owned business and give thanks for all those who have hired us to complete your electrical needs. Remember, we are only an earshot away! 


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